Tonight we looked at some basics; tai no henko, morote dori kokyu ho, shomen uchi ikkyo, katate dori shihonage and iriminage from katadori menuchi. I still don’t feel like I really “get” any of these but tonight I didn’t mind and I was content to know that I’m improving even if it doesn’t feel like it. Finding out when I was away that people who only see me once a year think I’m much, much better is immensely reassuring. Tonight I definitely felt a toughness in me that wasn’t shakeable. I hope I can hold on to that feeling.

For weapons we did the ken suburi and some awase practice. Then we did two tachi dori. It was really hot in the hall but I didn’t overheat- perhaps helped by my pre-cooling. I’ve found that getting as cold as possible before training helps prevent overheating. So I had a cold shower, wore shorts, drank an ice cold drink and put the air conditioning in my car to refrigerate. I forgot my ankle support and thought I should probably tape my ankle instead but I tried without anything on it. I had one wobbly moment without it but didn’t catch my toes at all. Actually I felt quite strong all night. Can’t believe its a whole week before next training- I’m missing kids clubs which stop for the holiday but enjoying the time off work and nice weather.


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