Tonight was incredibly good fun. It was just sensei, two others and me but the atmosphere was light. We looked at blending. There were two ikkyo and lots of kokyu nage. I need to practice stepping back and off the line for one of the ikkyos because I was far to linear and knew it but couldn’t seem to find the right place to be. I was also particularly bad at the ushiro kokyunage which I have done lots but just couldn’t get it tonight. Sensei asked us each to pick a technique and I picked hanmi handachi kaiten nage. I like hanmi handachi – there is something very satisfying about throwing a standing up person from your knees. To finish we did jo dori.

That’s it for a few weeks. I’m looking forward to the Pat Hendricks sensei course in two weekends time. But there’s not much else planned for the six week holiday! I’m seeing the kids tomorrow for the last time before the holiday and we need to finish early since I have to rush to a retirement meal where I have stupidly said I will give a speach. It’s for my colleague who I have worked with for 10 years and she looked after me when I was a student teacher before that. Hope I don’t start crying – it’s a real possibility.


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