More koshinage

On Sunday I went to iaido and sensei was back. I’m making only very slow progress but that’s fine. There is a course coming up but I’m worried I will get way out of my depth very quickly. Will see nearer the time if I’m going to go or not. Gary and I are practising every day now for the stuff I’m doing at the seminar. I’ve only been hit once this week …I really hope I don’t get hit in front of everyone. I’m starting to feel a bit better about what I’m doing I’m sure in 12 days it will be going well. I did have a blinding flash of neurotic worry when I couldn’t decide if the technique I was doing was really an iriminage since it felt much more like a kokyu nage. What makes iriminage iriminage? If it is the front foot entering then I’m actually doing a kokyunage eek. If any readers know the answer please don’t be shy- let me know the answer!

Training tonight was in a squash court and having been abandoned by all the higher grades I took ukemi for sensei. The technique was koshinage but luckily for me we took through two crash mats. I found doing the koshinage was easier than last week. We did it from shomen, ushiro ryote dori, ryote dori and katate dori. We also did an ikkyo/sankyo then into koshinage. There were a couple of timing based ones but that didn’t go so well for me. There were some jo suburi and some tachidori too. Next week if I’m feeling nervous about the seminar I will go to my old teacher’s club.

More koshinage

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