I’m feeling much better again. Some energy has returned and I have been getting out on my bike. It was during a bike ride that I was most viciously attacked by a stick! Near where I live there is an oak forrest. I always feel very grounded and comforted there. It is one of my most favourite places in the world and I go there if I’m upset or I need space to get my head together. Well, I was cycling though the oak forrest when a stick leapt up- no doubt a very strong oak stick and with one end in the ground dug the other end up my shin. On the left leg that would be sore and annoying. On the right leg it is a minor disaster. When I cycle I wear an ankle brace to the back of my leg and for walking I wear one at the front only now I can’t wear the front one because my leg is all cut. So I’m hobbling around, avoiding stairs and wondering how long until I hurt my knee from walking in the wrong brace.

Training tonight was just three of us and sensei. We did koshinage – seem to be doing all my worst techniques at the moment. I kind of sort of understood the first variation but the second one had me utterly clueless. I really had no idea where to put either arms or legs! Sensei says we will do koshinage again next week and I hope we can because I really need to figure it out. Good thing is that my legs felt strong and in no danger of collapsing under me as they have done before in koshinage. After that we did some techniques from morote dori. I was struggling to keep up with what we were doing since sensei showed one technique twice followed by a different one. The person who went before me did the last technique done by sensei then a different technique all together. I asked for clarification but couldn’t process the reply quickly enough, then heard a list of techniques and I really had no idea what was happening so I sat out. I felt like my computer when the ball goes round and round and no matter what you click nothing responds. Everyone must be used to me being a bit vacant because without comment practice continued and I was soon able to join back in. Turns out we were doing iriminage.

In weapons we did some suburi then the 6 count kata and making it only 2 hanmi changes.

I’m looking forward to teaching the kids club tomorrow now there is no pressure of grading. I would like to try and do something fun but I’m not quite share what yet.


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