Still different

Sensei had a birthday party with ceilidh on Saturday so I didn’t train on Friday incase I couldn’t walk. So we went to the party and I danced. I made sure I was well tied together with Velcro, neoprene, carbon fibre, aluminium and plastic. It was excellent fun and I wasn’t too bad the next day…well ok I couldn’t really walk much but I’m back on my feet again today and went to aikido.

Sensei had to leave half way through class to go to London but before he left things were still very different. It’s sort of a good different because it’s more like the aikido I did before but it’s bad different because it’s all mushing into one blob in my head. Previously I had the two styles stored in very separate categories or boxes in my mind and now I feel like someone has tipped up all the toy boxes into the middle of the room and just exclaimed play! I don’t feel like I’m getting everything wrong all the time like I used to but I’m not sure I’m doing anything particularly right either. Techniques come out as hybrids of both and therefore neither style. It’s probably beneficial since all training is. I do worry though that I have two styles competing for understanding then I do a third different style on a Friday! I have no idea what on earth I teach the kids. Probably just a reflection of the muddled mush in my head.

In the second half of the class we did more conventional Iwama style stuff and I was back to getting everything wrong which was strangely reassuring.
Sensei won’t be back on Wednesday so I’m taking his kids class. I’m seeing my kids tomorrow for the last time before sensei (old one) comes to grade them. I’m quite nervous for them!

Still different

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